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From Our Brand Ambassador...

“During 25 years of client coaching, I have learnt and applied several simple, yet powerful insights that enable sustainable life changes. I felt that these should be shared more widely on an engaging platform that is easily accessible. Many approaches  are either outdated, unrealistic or plain impractical. With so many different approaches and new diets appearing constantly, it is a confusing maze to navigate.  Having travelled a long journey (sometimes traumatic) of introspection/weight loss myself and having helped many people achieve their life goals, I think that I am qualified to identify the changes in underlying behaviours required to attain these goals. A platform that incorporates elements of current thinking on lifestyle approaches, wellness, nutrition and diet may be helpful to many frustrated people out there trying to make positive changes to their lives. Mind Over Body …it’s time to be your best self…”

Debbie Argyrou

*BSoc Sci with Specialisation in Psychology *Master Transformation Life Coach *Neurolinguistic therapy practitioner *Negative emotional therapy practitioner

What Our clIENTS say

I had a wish and Debbie made it come true. I wanted to lose weight and she made it possible. She guides you step by step to change your lifestyle. A reasonable, manageable and enjoyable lifestyle. It's the advice and little changes Debbie suggests, that make it work. Thanks to Debbie’s continuous support, empathy and motivation, I have lost 16kg/44cm and I feel amazing!!! "

- Caitlin Rabie

I knew I had to be doing something wrong and that I needed help. That’s when I started with Debbie. She made me realize that what I was eating was my problem and exercising wasn’t going to get me to lose weight. Her weekly coaching gave me the strength and accountability needed to stick to my plan. I lost 14kgs and 36cm’s. This will definitely be my new lifestyle!"

- Glenn Clarke

I am now convinced that one can improve one’s physical and mental health by making use of Debbie's Mind Over Body approach. This is where one adopts a healthy lifestyle that involves pre-determined good eating habits including eating the correct food at the correct times. This is all thanks to Debbie and her amazing way of encouraging and monitoring one’s progress"

- Jenny Pohl


Debbie shares some motivational thoughts and tips 

Debbie’s Tips #249

If there’s a single belief that seems almost inseparable from success, it’s that THERE IS NO GREAT SUCCESS WITHOUT GREAT COMMITMENT.We see this in any

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Debbie’s Tips #248

✨How many times have you said to yourself…⁣⁣⁣⁣“I am weak.” ⁣⁣“I will never be strong.” ⁣⁣“I will never be able to do that.”⁣⁣“I will never

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Debbie’s Tips #247

I hope you can take some time today to reflect on you. You’re so important and listening to your body is such an important thing

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Debbie’s Tips #246

There are always a million reasons to doubt yourself… ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣To think, “I’ll never like the way I look or actually be confident…”⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣To question, “Am I

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Debbie’s Tips #245

Happiness means listening to the voice within your heart. Do what your body and mind need in every moment. Honouring what you need is the

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